Team Building

Haldon Estate offers ground breaking Team Building facilities, which are both skill orientated and fun, and accommodate a wide range of age groups.

The High Rope Course

consists of 9 Exciting Elements on 2 levels (4m and 11m) which are perfect to gradually build confidence and ultimately conquer personal fears.

The Low Challenge Course

consists of 12 elements and is designed for team participation. The leaders, planners, ‘do-ers’ and ‘jokers’ are quickly identified in a group and everyone needs to support the ‘less-abled’ members in order to complete the task.

The Mobile Challenge Course

is based in a ‘Survivor’ style. It comprises bridge building elements, the centipede, a blind-folded maze, slack-lining, as well as 2D and 3D Puzzles. A perfect addition to our courses in order to accommodate larger groups. This course can be presented at a location of your choice.

The Mud Trail

this is loads of dirty muddy fun! Teams have to navigate through ditches filled with obstacles to reach a target flag positioned on an island.


Paintball with an old-school twist, find out more by contacting us.

Sporting Events and Challenges

We also host sporting events such as bike races, amazing race, obstacle course challenges, fitness challenges, and fun team building games etc.

Team Building Gallery

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